San Marino Enduro

ITALY In the heart of the Apennine Mountains, where the peaks of the Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and the marks meet, we escape into a lush green landscape far away from everyday life and explore the hilly to mountainous scenery. Away from the signs of tourism, you can still find a bit of authentic Italy in this region. A tour through the backcountry of the Italian Adria is like traveling back in time: Farm houses and small estates from bygone eras are nestled in a picturesque and ever-changing hill and mountain landscape, ancient forests, carefully tended orchards and wheat fields. The terrain offers faster gravel roads as well as technique-challenging trails, thus meeting the expectations of beginners as well as experienced Enduro riders. In the evening, we enjoy excellent Italian cuisine and a glass of Sangiovese or two in the wine cellar at the hotel. Our cozy four-star hotel reflects the typical Italian manor style. It is located 15 km outside of San Marino and Rimini.


April, October
Level: 1-2
Price: from 640,00 €

The Package Includes