Czech Orange Weekend

Welcome to the Czech Orange Weekend, the two-day tour for KTM ADVENTURE TOURS newcomers, returners, busy people and everyone who hates traffic jams. Just a couple of hours’ drive from Munich, you find yourself in a challenging, varied and hilly terrain containing plenty of forest and where one section of single trail leads straight onto the next. Set out after work on Friday and get back on Sunday evening - this tour is the perfect way to get out there for a couple of days and push yourself to the limit without having to use up a day of your annual leave.

The Package Includes

  • 3 guided tours in groups, under professional supervision
  • 3 overnight stays in a double room in a hotel with half board in 2 different hotels
  • Mechanic/spare part service (only for current KTM models)
  • Luggage transport by service car
  • Final evening celebration, certificate and a small parting gift


September, October
Level 2-3
Price: from 360,00€



  • Arrival, settle into room, meet the team

DAY 2-3

  • Guided Enduro tours
  • Lunch en-route
  • Joint dinner
  • Departure after tour on the 3th day

Bike- Infos

Participation possible with any brand of enduro model (2 and 4-stroke). 
KTM EXC 2-stroke, 4-stroke and FREERIDE models can be hired!

You'll need:

  •  standard exhaust system
  •  licence plate
  •  vehicle documents
  •  offroad tyres
  •  motorcycle clothing including rainwear


German, English



Hotel Kollerhof

Addresse: Hamry na Šumavě 29, 340 22 Nýrsko
Tel: +420 376 390 113