Piemonte Enduro

Italy is an alpine country - above all in Piedmont. Gravel roads and remote mountain meadows lead us into the Maritime Alps, up to a height of 1500 metres. The views of the snow-covered mountain ranges are breathtaking. Following long unused pack mule trails, we fight our way uphill through dark woods and looping through scree fields. Enduro alpinism like this has not been possible in German-speaking countries for the
last 50 years. We stay overnight in an elegant, family-run 3-star hotel providing typical Piedmont cuisine.


The Package Includes

  •  Guided tours in groups, under professional supervision
  •  3 overnight stays in a double room in a hotel with half board

  •  Mechanic/spare part service (only for current KTM models)

  •  Final evening celebration, certificate and a small parting gift


May, July, September, October
Level 2-3
Price: from 620,00€


Day 1

  • Start of the enduro tour after lunch  

Day 2-3

  • Morning and afternoon enduro tours in groups
  • Communal lunch and dinner
  • Evenings are free
  • Final evening celebration on day 3

Day 4

  • Morning enduro tour 
  • The tour ends around midday

Bike- Infos

Participation possible with any brand of enduro model (2 and 4-stroke) 
KTM EXC 4-stroke models can be hired

You'll need:

  •  standard exhaust system
  •  licence plate
  •  vehicle documents
  •  offroad tyres
  •  motorcycle clothing including rainwear


German, English, Italian


Hotel „San Secondo“

Addresse : Via Roma, 1, 10060 San Secondo di Pinerolo
Tel. : +39-0121-503101
E-mail : hotelsansecondo@tiscali.it